Health Care Acts - HR 3590 & HR 4872: - Final Versions- ENLARGED TYPE- Easier to read

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Read everything passed into law regarding the health care bill in this ENLARGED Type set of HR 3590 & HR 4782 for just $49.99 including shipping. has the only enlarged type version of the Health Care Acts. They are excellent for reading, reference, and notetaking., And inexpensively priced. High quality printing is by

Included in this document is a print of HR 3590 (now Public Law No: 111-148) and also included is the enrolled version of HR 4872, (now Public Law No: 111-152.)

This document consists of the 906 page Act- HR 3590 and the 55 page Reconciliation Act- HR 4872.

The pagination remains the same as the original.

We have our own process that will enlarge the type by 15-30% over the publicly available file listed below, without changing the pagination of the original file. The page count in the document remains the same as the original, just with larger type over what you would print out at home.

The PDF supplied to everyone by the government is set-up to print on a sheet that is 10" x 15". (A standard sheet is smaller, at 8.5" x 11".) If you print this out at home on a standard sheet, everything reduces to fit the smaller size paper, including the type.

We've created our own analog+digital process that makes the type on these Health Care Acts appear as it would on the 10"x15" sheet, but using a smaller, standard size sheet.

You will receive a document that's easier to read than what you can print at home, and still matches the pagination of the original file. Simple!

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See the file of HR 3590 here:

See the file of HR 4872 here:

This video shows the improvement of our ENLARGED print size compared to a typical home print of the same PDF.